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On this page you can find cash back bonuses from the best online casinos. Cashback means that if a player meets casino’s conditions, part of the funds will be returned to his account. Cashback can be credited in order to play certain slots or to be used on certain days. It can also be part of the casino loyalty program – an additional privilege that keeps players.

Today, many online casino sites offer their loyalty programs, which include refund services, so called cashbacks. Therefore, they can vary in terms of percentage or terms of return.

What is casino cashback?

Considering this expression in general, we can say that it represents a return of a certain part of the price back to the account. Initially, this service was provided by banks in 2006, although later gambling clubs began to use it, the scheme has not changed.

This way, participants of gambling platforms can return part of the funds – from 1 to 15% on average, after topping up heir accounts. The casino provides have two main way of returning money – points for bets (losses) and return of percentages for deposits.

The advantage here is the ability to minimise the cost of the game. In general, this approach is rather appreciated by players.

Types of cashback bonuses

As mentioned above, bonuses of this kind are presented in several types.

Weekly cashback

Some users look forward to a certain day of the week in order to make a deposit or a bet and to get some cash back. The day of the week on which the promotion is held is different in each casino. The trick is that such bonus is activated only once in every 7 days.

Weekends cashback

Some operators set up cashback bonus on Saturdays and Sundays. It is generally considered, that the maximum number of users play in online casinos these days. To attract their attention, online sites provide an advantageous opportunity – to return a part of the deposit or loss instantly.

By days

Leading online casinos offer cash back daily, meaning you can get some money back on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as on Thursdays, Fridays and, accordingly, weekends. Depending on the days of the week, the amount of interest of promotions differ.

Cashback rules

There are several options for calculating refunds of such privileges as a cashback bonus:

  • automatically, when funds come to the main or game balance instantly without the participation of the player;
  • after a certain period of time, for example, every day at a specific time, once a week, month, etc .;
  • based on the user’s request, when he makes a deposit, he will enter the promo section and activate the bonus.

In all respects, the first method is the most convenient and preferable.

 How to get cashback at a casino?

The general procedure for receiving a cashback bonus can be described step by step as follows.

Step 1: Find a casino: Despite the presence of a large number of casinos on the Internet, it is necessary to find a suitable operator that meets the necessary player criteria.

Step 2: Read the terms and conditions: You should start the game only after reading the conditions that casino cashback implies though.

Step 3: Register: You can open an account by entering your personal data and confirming it by mail or a message on the phone.

Step 4: Verify: You must send a photo or scan of your passport, debit or credit card, receipts for payment of utility bills to the support agent.

Step 5: Deposit money: Top up the balance online in a convenient way, most often it is an electronic wallet or a bank card.

Step 6: place a bet: There are no strict requirements, the main thing is that the minimum required amount is set.

Step 7: Get cashback: The amount of cashback will come automatically or upon request

Pros and cons of cashbacks

Pros: the ability to return part of the funds, even if they were lost.

Cons: Risk of being scammed by casinos or scammers.