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Best Interac Online Casinos 2021

Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer are probably the most popular Canadian payment methods. Interac was established back in 1984 and was one of the first companies that provided users with online payment solutions. It has one of the lowest fraud rates globally. Today, you can see the following names: e-Transfer, Interac Cash, Interac Debit, Flash, Interac Online and mobile payment solutions. Online operators, that accept this method allow their players to make fast and secure deposits and withdrawals.

In this article, you will learn the difference between Interac Online and e-Transfer, read about pros and cons of this payment method and find out how to make a deposit in casino that accepts this provider step by step. Additionally, you can find the best online casinos in Canada, where you can make a deposit using Interac

Being leading Canadian payment solution, it requites its users only to have email address or mobile phone number. It is safe, reliable and trusted way of making your deposits and can be used both online or via mobile banking. At the moment, this provider cooperates with over 200 banks and different financial institutions.

Advantages of Playing in Interac Online Casinos

Trustworthy: First of all, this payment method was around for over 30 years and gained big popularity among Canadian players. It is well-known and has one of the lowest fraud rates. Players are protected by several layers of security, which allows us to say – depositing with this payment solution is totally safe and it is one of the most trusted money transfer services all over the world.

  • This payment method protects your data
  • The best part, is that it allows players to transfer cash between the bank account and casino and not to share financial data with any third party.

Easy to access: Most of the online casinos in Canada, include this banking option in their portfolio of payment methods, so there is no problem to find decent online casino site and deposit using Interac there.

Fast Withdrawals: Another great advance of using this banking solutions is the fact, that it is connected directly to your bank and that most of the casinos, allow here withdrawals as well as deposits. This means, that you don’t have to wait long seven days in order to receive your possible winnings via bank transfer.

Speed: This payment method offers instant cash deposit – no need to wait at all!

Disadvantages of Playing in Interac Online Casinos

Limited Availability : At the moment, Interac is allowed only on Canada and not every casino accepts payment though it.

Small Fees applied: There is a small chance you might get fee applied while transferring your money to casinos.

Interac Online vs Interac e-Transfer 

 Interac Online

Found your perfect online casino, that offers transactions with Interac and now have a choice between Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer? Let’s have a close look at the difference between those two.

In layman’s terms, Interac online is used in order to send funds to your close network, for example family or friends. It is an alert native way to make online payments with funds being securely withdrawn directly from your bank account. This provider works in real-time and has quite competitive fees.

Whenever you make a deposit with this option, your connected to Interac, bank account links to online casino via a third-party, called Gigadat. Basically, it is a sort of portal between your bank and an online casino. Here are four main financial institutions, which can be used to make a deposit:

  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada
  • TB Canada Trust
  • Dozens of Credit Unions
  • First Nations Bank 

 Interac e-Transfer

Everything you need to know about e-Transfer is that the service was mainly made to process funds between personal and business accounts, involving Canadian Banks and other institutions. All Canadian Banks and credit unions are available here to deposit from.

All you need is access to mobile or online banking, as well as email address of the person you are intent to send funds to.

How to make a deposit with Interac Online

Below you can see the initial steps on how to make an Interac deposit online casino. Minimum amount requited is $25 CAD and it takes only five minutes to deposit.

  • Find a trustworthy and reliable online casino
  • Open a player account
  • Select a necessary payment method. Typically you can choose between Interac Online or e-Transfer.
  • Select you bank, from which you would like to transfer funds. Make sure to choose e-Transfer, as it supports pretty much all Canadian banks.
  • Select deposit amount
  • Confirm your and recipient’s details. You will have fill in the names and email address. As a rule, casino operator takes care of this and email address is already filled in.

How to make a withdrawal with Interac Online

Another great advantage of using Interac, is that it not only supports your deposit, but also cash out of possible winnings. Minimum withdrawal is normally $25 CAD. The same as deposit amount. In order to withdraw your money, you will need to use email on file.

  • Choose casino banking section.
  • Select Withdrawal and e-Transfer.
  • Insect the amount you wish to cash out.

Keep in mind, in case you casino out your winnings for the first time, you might be asked for ID or proof of address. This is pretty typical situation in online gambling world.

Casino Bonus for Interac Users 

Good news is that new to certain casino players, can easily access to both no deposit bonus and awesome promotions! Make your first deposit with Interac to benefit from some great free spins offers, new slots games and much more at online casino Canada Interac!

Interac Casinos on Mobile

In 2021, it is almost a must for online casino site to be mobile optimised. We are sure, you would agree with us that ability to play on the go in rather important for online casino, so you can play whenever you like. While, some of Interac casino Canada are available on smartphones due to modern HTML5 feature, others have heir own application, which can be installed from the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on what operating system is supported by your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best Interac casinos in Canada?

A: In case you are a Canadian player, you are definitely aware of Interac casinos. Being one of the most popular and secure payment solutions, this payment method earned its users hearts several decades ago. All you need to have Canadian Bank account and use your email address to make a deposit. In order to find the best online casinos, that cooperate with this payment options, you can simply check our list of the best casinos in Canada.

Q: Can I withdraw my winnings with Interac?

A: Yes! We are happy to confirm – you can not only deposit, but also withdraw you winnings with Interac. It is rather fast and convenient to make a payout.

Q: Can I get a bonus if I deposit with Interac Online?
A: Luckily, there is a big amount of online casinos supporting this payment method as a payment method. Most of the operators, that offer bonus for its players, allow them to take bonus if you deposit with Interac.

Q: Is it safety play with Interac?

A: You can be 100% sure, you data is safe and secure when depositing with this banking options. This banking option has been around for over 30 years and gained trustworthy reputation among casino players in Canada.