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Everything about New Online Slots and Casino Games

At we are constantly testing new slots and casino games to keep you updated with the latest information on online slot machines. Below we will go through everything you need to know when you are picking a new game to try out. In other words you have found the best beginners guide to get started.

Tips on how to find new online slots

If you ever played casino online you probably recognize yourself in the constant search for new slots to spin on. Then it is good to also get to know which one that suits you the best and why. Is it as specific provider or a theme? That people like this way of playing is hardly new. This is not a new game it has been played on cruise ships and land-based casinos for a long time.
As technology has evolved this way of playing has been increasingly more popular. It is a fun gaming experience where the player doesn’t have to be too engaged a nice combination of relaxation and excitement.

The new slot should be fun for you

This may sound like unnecessary information but filtering in casinos can help you a lot these days when most casinos have thousands of games available. Either you can filter on provider, type, jackpot new and popular. Sometimes the casino offers to filter it on themes so you can find the one for your specific mood.

Volatility and variance for new slots

One of the aspects to review before you start playing may be whether you like high or low volatility slots. Games with high volatility pay out less frequently than those with low, however, these pay out larger winnings once it becomes a win. The ones with low volatility distribute a win more frequently but lower wins. So if you like to win often choose low. But there are no set rules should be fun to play so in the end it is subjective.

Which slots are best

Today there is a plenty of slots to choose from. A few years back when the boom came was is mostly the classic land-based ones that was popular. As time went on, 3D became the new hype and today providers are pumping out new ones in a never-ending stream of innovative ones with unique features.

Game providers to keep your eye on

At the moment the most popular providers in Canada are Microgaming, PlaynGO, Quickspin, Net Entertainment, Yggdrasil, Evolution. These are well established providers with many very popular games under their umbrella. But there are some new comers to keep your eye on like Red Tiger, Betsoft, Push Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Elk and Hacksaw Gaming.

In 1891, the first slot machine was launched in New York by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn. The slot machine was poker based and contained 50 playing cards. The player had to put money into the machine to play. As there was no payout in the event of a win, the player received his winnings in the form of goods that were used at the place where the game was located. The good could be anything from free beer, food, cigarettes or whiskey.
Today’s machines have evolved incredibly much from the poker-based machine in 1891.

Another kind that we may see soon are the ones that are called VGM. It stands for Video Game Gambling Machines. They are now tested in land-based casinos in the US. And we will soon know if they will reach the internet so they can become new online casino slots We called them skill-slots and in these you can influence your result in some extent. Undoubtedly very exciting for the future.

Which slots have the highest RTP

So if you want to bet on the very highest payouts, you should keep an eye out to play new slots online and machines with progressive jackpots. Sure, many regular slots also offer high jackpots, but it is the word “progressive” that makes the big difference. In a progressive slot, the jackpot amount increases all the time until it is awarded to a lucky winner. This is done by a small part of each player’s contribution contributing to the jackpot. Some progressive jackpots are also shared between several different casinos, which means that any player at any of the participating casinos has the opportunity to win the jackpot. Then the total sum also tends to be even higher because more players are involved and contribute. Although you can win more money by playing progressive jackpot slots, you also need to make higher stakes to succeed in winning the highest amounts. Just keep in mind that they are not handed out winnings as often as regular jackpots. Also keep in mind that you may have to wait a good while between winnings unlike games on regular slots.

If you have previously played on one of the slightly new slot online machines, you know that there is almost always an additional game apart from spinning the wheels. This is called a bonus game / bonus rounds and can mean that you win free spins in the game during the game. It can be difficult to keep track of how these work as they are constantly changing and new casino games often have several different attributes. When you play on video slots that have a bonus round, you of course want to access the bonus round at any cost and to succeed with that, no previous knowledge is required. On each slot machine there is a box where you can easily read how the bonus round is activated and how to get into the bonus game! However, not all games have a regular bonus game – so read on for the slot machine if you are curious!