Responsible Gaming

We invest our own money to take the chance to win more than we have invested from the beginning.
We play in the hope of winning and becoming financially independent. Gambling is one of humanity’s oldest activities, and today it is an exciting way to past your time, that can lead to big wins if you are lucky.

A majority of the players who visit an online casino have control over their gambling. They never play for more money than they can afford to lose. But there is also a group of players who do not have the same good control over their gambling. These players often continue to play even though they have lost a lot of money. 

What is a gambling problem?

A gambling problem means that you have lost control of your gambling and that your gambling has had negative consequences. It does not always have to be about financial problems. The problem can affect anyone, even those who have a little extra money in their gaming account. Some may be able to afford to lose money, but instead they lose valuable time with their family. Some players get emotional problems and get easily irritated and fall back into the game again and again.

Fortunately, there is help available. The treatments that are available have helped many to get the right side of life again. Here are 2 examples that can help you:

• — self-help gambling resource

• –  Canadian local help for problem gambling

Signs of gambling addiction

No one knows in advance who will suffer from gambling problems. Gambling problems are something that can affect everyone – rich, poor, young, old, women and men. Some gambling addicts do not even know they have a problem. Others keep it to themselves when the start noticing it.

If you yourself suspect that gambling is starting to get out of hand, there are a lot of self-tests here online. Below you will find some questions regarding gambling addiction. If you answer yes to several of them, you should consider seeking help.

• Do you think about games all the time?

• Have you ever gone home from work / school to play?

• Have you ever felt guilty while playing?

• Have you felt a strong need to win back money you lost?

• Have you ever gambled to win money so you can repay loans or solve other financial problems?

• Have you ever borrowed money to play?

• Have you ever sold a property to finance your gambling?

• Do you feel that you are in great need of playing more and more?

• Do you persuade yourself that the profit will come soon? That you can not let the chance disappear from you and that it is only a matter of time?

• Do you lie about how much time and money you spend on your gambling?

• Do you feel like celebrating an event in your life by playing?